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Does anatomy couse you a headache?

Are you tired of trying apps that simply don't work?

There are plenty of unreliable anatomy apps that waste your time. The models are inaccurate, many bone markings are missing and the app is overloaded with ads that distract you while learning. After hours of searching, your phone is packed with tons of useless apps – you come to a logical conclusion that the anatomy textbook is your only solution. Sounds familiar? 

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ultra detailed bone models

Learn anatomy on realistic 3d models.​

Learn the official anatomical terminology in English (and Polish) with Skelviewer! Only Skelviewer combines high-resolution 3D scanning along with the photogrammetry. We have scanned even the tiniest of details, providing the world’s most exact human bone atlas.

anatomy app you can trust

Never miss any bone structure again.

We’ve been there before – learning osteology is hard and time consuming. After all the hardships of memorizing the structures you want to be sure, that you haven’t missed a single one of them! That is why we’ve marked ALL the bones markings along with their complete areas on the models. 

Everything was done by the book – precisely speaking we’ve marked 100% of the anatomical structures according to Terminology Anatomica 2. We’ve confronted many atlases and handbooks of anatomy to provide you with flawless resource. Thanks to this, you will avoid mistakes while learning osteology.

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What students have to say about skelviewer


The brilliant models made it incredibly easy for me to learn anatomy of a skull!
Testimonial Skelviewer
1st year student (Google review)
"Super models, makes learning the anatomy of the skull much easier"
Skelviewer testemnial
1st year student (Google review)
"I am simply delighted with the quality of the bone. They are so detailed that I can't stop praising them. I really admire your work and initiative"
Skelviewer testimonial
1st year student (Google review)
"I recommend it with all my heart. Bone models are made with perfect attention to every detail, which makes it easier to learn anatomy"
1st year student (Google review)
"Fantastic model, thanks to it I passed the pins test (almost all of them were from the skull) with 92%! Currently, I’m still using them during central nervous system & head and neck anatomy"
Daniel B.
1st year student (Private message)
"I heartily recommend! Models are ideal for learning details within the skull - they help to visualize each bone, its structure & location. A very handy thing for learning anatomy!"
Skelviewer medical student testimonial 1
Magda S.
1st year student (Private message)
"Super handy & profesional app with amazingly precise bones' models. Very good guiz functionality as well"
Skelviewer testimonial
1st year student (App store)
"Models perfectly reproduce anatomical details. A good anatomy book + skel models, and the skull is mastered for exam"
Skelviewer medical student testimonial 3
1st year student (Private message)
Get to know us better
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Skelviewer team2
meet our team

We develop Skelviewer for you.

Skelviewer is developed by experts in the field of anatomy, 3D modeling and app development. We come from the medical community. Meet the members of our team.

No small prints or exceptions - we realy did it!

Try it - like it or we'll give you your money back!

Our unique 3D atlas is a place of a truly interactive learning with the most precisely reproduced osteological specimens in the world. We are not afraid to say it because we know we are right – now it’s your turn to check it out!

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marked structures
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Bone structures

Simple. Affordable plan for everyone.

Our subscription plans start at 14,50 USD, a year. That is less than $1,25 a month! You can also test our app for free with access to 8 bones. 



Basic package to get you started. You get free bones with all the features.


14,5 USD

/ annually

Access to 1 group of bones (Skull, lower limb, upper limb or spine & chest). 

Full Access - best value!

29,5 USD

/ annually

Access to all bones in Skelviewer app. Everything you need to master osteology.

Still not convinced?
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Let us share our story with you!

The most valuable resources are your time & well-being!

First year of medicine is a challenge. We’ve studied the structures, we know the pain. The osteology exam can be very stressful, as can repeating and revising the material. What advice we have for you? Save your time and avoid stress with Skelviewer. 

Time and money you can save with skelviewEr

You know how much anatomy textbooks cost. Will Skelviewer completely replace all your literature? Probably not. However, using Skelviewer will most likely reduce the need for additional books and courses (at least +100 USD saved in your pocket). 

Your time is also a value. Based on experiences of our users, Skelviewer app will save you at least 90 hours of your time. Based on the minimal wage the time you will save is worth at least 652 USD (7,25*90). Full access to Skelviewer is 29,5 USD annualy. That sums up to 723 USD (100+652-29) in savings you can spend on other things!  Not to mention the cost of stress you will avoid!

100 USD


652 USD


29 USD

Cost of full access to skelviewer

732 USD

Our value proposition
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How can you learn anatomy with skelviewer?

Colored hints and Quiz mode.

It’s time to get technical. All 3D models in Skelviewer were sliced into pieces that represent anatomical regions of the bones. Thus, we are able to show you colorful hints that define the approximate boundaries of bone landmarks. We also have an interactive Quiz mode for you to test your anatomy knowledge. Learning osteology has never been easier!

We're almost there!


Complete bone libary

We offer 194 bones of the human body. All for you to become "Pin" master.

Colored hints

You're not there yet? Display colored hints that mark borders of the landmarks

Virtual pins

Structure names displayed directly on the bones.

Coccyx 3d bone model mobile app for learning anatomy skelviewer 3

Quiz mode

Click and guess the name of the bone markings


Learn markings in English and Polish. We are working on more!

Comfort and Usability

On the way to university? Leave your heavy atlases at home and learn comfortably!

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Let's wrap it up.

Thank you for taking time to explore Skelviewer. Download our App for iOS or Android and transform your anatomy learning experience! 

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