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Skelviewer is developed by experts in anatomy, 3D modeling and application development. Meet the members of our team.

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Anatomy app for students to learn anatomy book
Our Vision

We want to help you pass your anatomy exam.

We’ve been there. We’ve learned the structures, we know the pain. The osteology exam is famous for being very stressful, as is retaking the exam or even revising the material. Yet you still have to pass it.

Premium skull bone replicas

App is not the only product we offer.

We’ve started with hand-made skull bones replicas made of resins. The replicas are made with special attention to quality, precision and durability of castings. Want to know more? Take a look at our Skelreplica website.

Skelreplica bone models made by hand

Small team with big mission.

We are a group of people aming to change how students learn osteology. We are located in Poland, where we develop and refine Skel products for you.

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